Renting or Buying a Roof Rack and Roof Box – This Is What We Tell Our Customers…

With a Roof Box on your car you need to consider a number of things that you would not normally consider.

The extract below is from our Hire Contract and is what we call our ‘Safe Usage Agreement’. It’s common sense really but can save costly mistakes


  1. The Roof Box load limit is 50KG. However you must check your vehicle handbook to confirm load carrying capacity (including roof bars and roof box.)
  2. Do not exceed speed limits at any time and please slow down in windy conditions.
  3. Be aware of head clearance as you have added up to 50 cm to the overall height of your vehicle.
  4. Pack the roof box carefully distributing weight evenly.
  5. Be very aware of Speed Bumps and uneven road.
  6. Heavy items must be secured in the Roof Box so as not to move around during breaking and cornering.
  7. The Roof Box must not be physically overloaded as to cause any gaps around the top and bottom halves of the Roof Box.
  8. In the event of any spillages do not use any chemical based cleaning products only use water and a cloth.
  9. The Safety locking system on our Boxes ensures that the key cannot be removed until the box is locked so please do not force the key or attempt to remove before locking.
  10. Please use the safety straps to secure your luggage as it will stop movement in the Roof Box.

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