Affordable Roof Box Hire in the North West, Cheshire and Manchester

As we all know car space is always at a premium when traveling on holiday. Whether you have a large family or you want to load lots of sports and camping gear your options for getting to your destination in comfort are pretty limited.
You can hire a bigger car with greater space “ooch!” that comes at a high cost I’m afraid and will run into many hundreds of pounds.

You can of course buy your own Roof Box and Roof Bars and that cost could be between £375 – £600 but of course you will need to store your Roof Box when you are not using it. And there’s always the issue of changing the fixing kit and roof bars when you change cars as the major brands such as Thule and Mont Blanc have hundreds of different fitting kits to cover the UK market.

At Cheshire Roof Box Hire we offer the sports enthusiasts, campers, holiday makers and anyone requiring additional luggage space in the North West of England high quality Roof Box Rental at very competitive prices.
We provide guaranteed appointments in our Warrington branch and at certain times we can fit at your home premises. We fit high quality Mont Blanc Roof Bars and Boxes and a range of Cycle and Ski Carriers.
Call 07806 896407 or Enquire Here.

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